Limited Edition Experience

Life's Little Moments. Curated.

Life is made up of a million little moments that make big memories. It’s a little giggle, the wiggle of tiny toes, the way sisters hug, the way brothers hold each other’s hands. Tiny actions create big bonds that last a lifetime. It’s the way those little moments naturally occur. It’s about not just capturing the moment; it’s about capturing the feeling. It’s about bringing a memory to life. 

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Our Limited Edition Experiences are designed to be an authentic representation of a little moment in time, probably slightly more styled. 
It’s about bringing a memory to life. It’s about turning a little memory into a living moment. This session is super unique, it includes a full portrait session but also about a 2 minute film, capturing the story of your family. 

We’re launching our Limited Edition Experiences with snuggle time. Set on a crisp and cozy white bed, they’ll read a book and snuggle in the blankets. There will be tickles, maybe jumping or a pillow fight. Obviously, their favorite stuffed animal is more than welcome as are their favorite pajamas. What’s unique is that we will capture their essence. Maybe it’s sweet. Maybe it’s fun. Maybe there are lots of giggle or maybe lots of yawns. No matter what the vibe, it will be made up of life’s little moments.

Date: February 22nd
Session Fee: $795 LIMITED INTRO OFFER this session only $595 (includes session and fully edited film, portraits available for standard pricing)

A Few Examples

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