in your words, Not Ours

Cat Berg

'Every time I see one of Michelle's photos I fall more in love with my family.'

in your words, Not Ours

Corey Anderson

'Glad I am typing because my jaw is on the floor and I can't speak!
They are perfection! Holy wowsas!'

Lara is a career marketer who focused on product development, promotions & consumer engagement.  She was most recently Aramark's, AVP of marketing for their coffee program, her other passion.

Lara's has a deep rooted love for photography and interior design, becoming a client when she and husband, Nick had their first daughter. As a long time client, she fell in love with the memories her portraits were able to capture. Combining the love of consumer engagement and art through portraits, lead her to purchase the studio and drives her to develop an amazing experience for others!

You'll often find Lara in the Studio barefoot and making a pour over coffee, La Colombe of course!

Studio Owner

Michelle has been with the Team since the studio opened, over seven years ago. She has a classic vibe and loves to play with angles. 

In additional to being a Photographer, Michelle is the studios Creative Director. Which means she's responsible for the fresh, innovative looks.  We don't follow the trends, we set them.  We're excited for her and husband Bern who just welcomed their first little bundle of joy, Jack. We have a feeling he might be the most photographed baby around! 

You'll find Michelle's favorite collection hanging in the front of the studio.  It's a collection that we've been creating for seven years, representing how we grow with families. 

michelle - creative director

Kaeleigh a classically trained photographer who graduated from Antonelli Institute and has been with the Team ever since. She has a fun, modern vibe who dabbles in the art of trapping light. 

In additional to being a Photographer, Kaeleigh manages our production. Simply put, she's the one that 'gives you more sleep' as Lara likes to say. She has an amazing eye for detail and is a perfectionist!

You'll often find Kaeleigh crawling under furniture chasing after a toddler, but she always captures the pure joy of being a kid!

Kaeleigh - Photographer

Marcy's a classically trained photographer who's been with the Team for over eight years. She has a fresh vibe who let's the clients play. Seven years ago, Marcy shot Lara's newborn session starting her love for the Team! 

In additional to being a Photographer, Marcy runs the School Division. She works with several local schools to ensure their picture day has a fresh, modern look!

Marcy finds the beauty in the smallest details, which explains her love of macro photography. She is able to capture the beauty of a dew drop on a flower! She also loves to camp with her family, including her two children who's images you will often see us sharing! 

marcy - school director

Lexi began her career as a television producer giving her a keen eye for details. 

As a designer, Lexi loves to sit with clients and explore how they want to cherish their memories. She has an amazing sense of style and loves to work with family's as they develop their own!

In addition to working at Ivory Tree, Lexi has two little boys that keep her on her toes! We love seeing them in the studio and watching them grow!

Lexi - designer

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