Autumn. Curated.

Our Outdoor Sessions are designed to be an authentic representation of family experiences, probably slightly more styled.

This year as we curate locations we focused on ensuring they are unique, visually amazing, and private to ensure you are the only family there. All ordering will be done remotely! 

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life's patina
galer Estates 
Wayne b&b
wayne b&b
life's patina
galer estates
wayne b&b
life's patina
galer estates
wayne b&B
life's patina


Dates &Locations

Session Fee: $125 +product (click here to discover product pricing)

PS: all of the images below were taken this summer since they are all new locations but your images will have tones of Autumn!

It has this amazing blend of architecture through formal stone walls, a tree lined lane, blue barn door reminiscent of the French countryside, a secret garden and if that wasn't enough a pond with the most picturesque weeping willow.

Life's Patina. Malvern.

By Popular demand, we've included locations a little off the Main Line. If you love unique finds, you'll love Galer Estate! Think wrought iron gates, stained glass and stone paths. The textures we found are amazing!

Galer estates.
west chester. 

It's like a secret garden tucked away in the heart of Wayne. We were there over the summer but patiently (kinda) waiting for the Fall because the colors are going to amazing! Think formal columns, stone pathways, and ivy covered buildings. 

Wayne B&B. Wayne


A Few Examples

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